Darwin Nunez leads Premier League in negative stat; Liverpool must fix it

Just how often is Darwin Nunez offside for Liverpool in the Premier League? The striker is generating a reputation.

Darwin Nunez is quickly generating a reputation as a player who isn't exactly good at judging offside. It feels as though the Liverpool striker is getting caught out every single time he plays - sometimes multiple times per game.

But is that the case? Well, yes. It is.

Whoscored highlighted on Wednesday that Nunez has been caught offside more than any other Premier League player this season. The flag has gone up for him 17 times across the campaign, putting him at he top of the pile.

Honestly, though, it's even worse than it looks. Fbref shows us the stats - as well as the total minutes played. That latter stat is important because the first thing to notice about everyone else around the top of the table there is that they're caught offside roughly once per 90 minutes.

For Nunez, it's 1.37 times per 90 minutes of football. That is an enormous figure. The only other player with at least 900 minutes total to average even once per 90 is Anthony Elanga at that 1.06 times. Not even really close to Nunez, then.

Thus, the Uruguayan is an anomaly in the Premier League and no one else is caught offside at anything like his numbers. It's an area of his game that Liverpool clearly need to work on.

It's perhaps even more worrying for Liverpool that they actually have a second player in the top 10 - Luis Diaz. He's been caught offside 10 times this season, putting him joint-6th in the league.

No other team has two players inside the top 10. The only other teams with two players inside the top 15 are Chelsea and Manchester United - not exactly teams thriving on the attack this season.

But perhaps that's the real point here. Yes, Liverpool have players struggling with offsides but unlike the others, they are actually thriving in attack. The Reds have scored more goals than anyone else in the Premier League, after all.

'Fixing' their offside problem would simply mean scoring even more. That's less of a worry, then, and more of a luxury.

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