Darwin Nunez appears to have IGNORED repeated advice from Liverpool

Darwin Nunez appears to have ignored repeated advice from Liverpool. The striker is now rumoured to want a move away.

Darwin Nunez raised eyebrows this week when he removed all his Liverpool photos from Instagram. It was a surprise move and one that many put down to criticism he's received online after recent performances.

The Athletic's James Pearce had an interesting line on it this week, though. He claimed on the Walk On podcast that Nunez has been repeatedly told by Liverpool to just ignore social media comments.

It's advice that seemingly hasn't been taken to heart.

“Darwin Nunez has been told numerous times by people at Liverpool to ignore that kind of thing," said Pearce. "Don’t even look at it.

"I think especially last season, when things were tough, he was reading stuff online and it was really hurting him.”

Naturally, wiping social media of any references to your current club brings about speculation that you don't want to be there anymore. Especially when it's on the back of reports (albeit weak reports) that Barcelona are interested in you.

Nunez actually found a way to fuel those reports, too. He was pictured alongside compatriot, and Barcelona player, Ronald Araujo on Instagram.

Darwin Nunez's future

It's important to note that there has been absolutely zero reliable speculation that Nunez is off. His future does appear to be with Liverpool - and for one thing, the season isn't even over.

But there certainly seems to be a problem and honestly, why wouldn't there be? Nunez has received abuse from certain sections of the 'fanbase' over the last month or so. He received even more of it last year.

If he feels there's a chance to jack it in and head off to another club like Barcelona, few could blame him for pushing for it.

Though, it's certainly online fans who appear to be hurling abuse at Nunez. The match-going fans have always backed him - loudly, even - and there's little reason to believe that won't continue.

Hopefully, the Uruguayan can focus on that going forward, even with all the other noise. Maybe him cleansing his Instagram is a sign he's going to take Liverpool's advice.

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