Curtis Jones Arsenal claims false; pretended to be Liverpool star growing up

Claims that Curtis Jones grew up as an Arsenal fan are false, according to a report. The Scouser always wanted to be one Liverpool player.

There has been speculation doing the rounds lately that Curtis Jones grew up as an Arsenal fan - despite being from Liverpool. It stems from an article by the Athletic that claims he used to tell "anyone willing to listen at the club’s academy that he was, in fact, an Arsenal fan".

That actually led to a bit of not-too-serious speculation that the Gunners were hoping to sign Jones. Not that anyone, surely, expected that to go anywhere.

The Scouser has become a regular at Anfield now, after all, and is quickly becoming one of the most reliable players in the squad. His reputation is growing rapidly as a result, prompting an article in The Times today that highlighted his England prospects.

Euro 2024 is around the corner now and England don't have an entirely settled midfield. Jordan Henderson's place is certainly under threat - though, he'll hope his move to Ajax gets him back on track.

If Henderson was to drop out, though, Jones may be best-placed to take his spot. He may even have eyes on the starting berth next to Declan Rice. Certainly, an England cap pre-tournament feels almost inevitable.

But there was one other interesting line in Paul Joyce's article. He made it clear that reports of Jones being an Arsenal fan in his youth are false - he's been a Red all his life.

"Contrary to erroneous rumours that he was an Arsenal supporter growing up, his allegiance has always been Liverpool and he always pretended to be [Steven] Gerrard," writes Joyce

That is hopefully that, as far as Arsenal rumours go. Jones is at Anfield to stay and can hopefully follow in Gerrard's footsteps as a player spending his entire prime with Liverpool. It's certainly set to be a prime worth having.

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