"Creating chaos" - Alisson explains how Liverpool overcame Everton's stubborn tactics

Alisson Becker has spoken about Liverpool's tactics and how they beat Merseyside rivals, Everton, on Sunday.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil after Liverpool beat Everton, as cited by SportWitness, Alisson explained how the Reds overcame the Toffee's stubborn defence.

"At this point in the season, because of what the teams are fighting for, I believe that each match has the character of a final. A moment when neither team wants to make mistakes," said Alisson.

"Everton came in today with a proposal not to concede goals at all and they did very well within their tactics. We had a lot of merit to keep calm in this mental game.

"In the first half, perhaps, we didn’t use our best weapons. Then, in the second half, we came in with more movement. With a more aggressive attitude, in a good way. With the ball, we made the necessary moves, we worked with crosses, a lot of people inside the box.

"It’s hard to defend there, even with ten men behind the ball. It’s hard to defend yourself when the opposing team has that intensity. We managed to do that and we left here with the victory.

"And also, as I said earlier, our attitude. To have a little more intensity with the ball, to really make the ball move. Not only keep possession of the ball but be aggressive in movements, fullbacks overlapping inside and out.


"Moving around, creating some chaos in their defence. There are moments when it’s practically impossible to defend against a team that changes positions so much.

"Everything that was predictable in the game, they were well prepared for. But every time that we made a move that was not what they were expecting, we managed to stand out.

"And also the substitutions, Divock, Luis also entered the game very well. He’s a guy who worries the opposing defence, of having to hold more, of not tackling up on the pitch. And with that, we had open spaces. It’s a credit to our team for having a clear head, for working to find the goals."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Frank Lampard had one plan to beat Liverpool, put all 11 players behind the ball and time waste from minute one. It was desperate stuff from the former Chelsea manager.

Most people could've told him that it wasn't going to work. It might have been effective two or three years ago but since then, Jurgen Klopp and his team have massively improved in breaking down teams.

Bringing on Luis Diaz changed the game massively, he was direct and explosive, something that Diogo Jota couldn't provide on the wing.

The Colombian instantly came on and attacked Séamus Coleman, and the Irishman just couldn't keep up with Diaz's pace.

With the Reds facing another side who will most likely sit back and defend, Villarreal, hopefully, this game prepared the boys on what to expect from Unai Emery's side.

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