"Crazy world" - Jurgen Klopp on the criticism Darwin Nunez has received

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has taken aim at Darwin Nunez's critics.

The club's new striker has had a mixed pre-season thus far. Nunez struggled against Manchester United and Crystal Palace.

However, the 23-year-old scored four goals against RB Leipzig in Germany last week.

With that being the case, Klopp has defended Nunez during a recent interview.

“The group is the best group I ever saw to help players settle,” Klopp told Sky Sports (01:13). “It was always clear that, in a situation like this, a striker with his skill set will need time because it’s different to what we had before.

“We play differently to Benfica. Both sides have to adapt. Then, he didn’t score in the first two games and we face discussions. That’s a crazy world out there.

“Then, he scores four goals in a game and we discuss it completely the other way around. We need time to get used to each other. It’s fine. How can we expect after a week that we or he would be at his best? It makes no sense. It’s like a game out there.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

Klopp is spot on. Football in the modern era is brutal. Players aren't given time by people to settle into their new environment, especially when they arrive for a big transfer fee.

Liverpool signed Nunez from Benfica for £67.50 million. The striker was never going to be given an easy ride by those who watch football.

So, it is important that Nunez does start the 2022-23 campaign well. By doing so, the Uruguay international will take a bit of pressure off himself.

An opening day hat-trick against Fulham at Craven Cottage would be ideal.

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