"Cost them the title" - Pundit on what will happen if Liverpool forward leaves

Gabriel Agbonlahor thinks that selling Sadio Mane will cost Liverpool the Premier League title next season.

Speaking on Talksport, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the former Aston Villa player said he doesn't blame Mohamed Salah and Mane for wanting more money.

"Liverpool allowing Sadio Mane to go next season will cost them the title," said Agbonlahor.

“[Erling] Haaland is signing for Manchester City, they are becoming stronger. You are going to let Mane leave? Yes, you have got [Luis] Diaz and [Diogo] Jota but they are not going to get Mane’s numbers.

“Mane is a goal scorer, the threat he gives Liverpool going in behind, making unselfish runs. For me first and foremost Mane leaving is ridiculous, and I don’t blame both of them, Mane and Salah. The numbers they are getting year in, year out.

“They want paying what they deserve. If they are seeing Haaland getting £400,000 [a-week], De Bruyne £350,000, they are saying to their agents ‘I want exactly what they are getting’, Salah is top goalscorer every season, so ‘pay me what I deserve or I will leave.’

“It doesn’t matter if people are like ‘£250,000 is enough, you’re fine on that’, players want paying what they deserve.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

I know where Gabby is coming from but if you know how Liverpool and FSG run the club then you'd know that it's not an option to offer them ridiculous wages.

We've seen it with the likes of Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United and so many other clubs. Offering huge wages is a massive risk.

Once the player has secured that unbelievable amount of money they can just stop caring as much. I don't think Salah or Mane would do that but people can't see the future and we don't know if they've peaked in their careers yet.

It's a huge gamble for the club to pay that amount of money and if they think they have to sell them then that's fine by me.

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