Conor Bradley reveals advice Jurgen Klopp has been sending him

Conor Bradley has revealed the advice that Jurgen Klopp has been giving to him as a young player with him looking to push for more first-team involvement in the next few years.

The Reds have had a decent season so far and are still in contention for all four regular major honours this year.

Indeed, FA Cup progress was sealed at the weekend as a mix of youth and experience saw off Shrewsbury Town via a 4-1 scoreline.

Bradley was involved, too, and he is looking forward to challenging further in the years ahead, with him thanking Jurgen Klopp for the advice he has sent him thus far:

“Jurgen Klopp just keeps telling me to be brave, don’t play a safe game by playing back. Go forward as much as I can. He’s been great with me, he’s helped me loads and I’m forever grateful," Bradley said via Belfast Live.

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Not only is Klopp a world class coach when it comes to looking after senior, top-level footballers, but he is also great when it comes to helping the next batch of stars.

He has regularly sought to get them involved where he can and for him the mantra is if you are good enough you are old enough.

He has great motivational skills and it's no shock to see that they are helping Bradley along in his development.

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