Boss raves about Fabio Carvalho already; 'so excited' after dressing room incident

Hull City boss Liam Rosenior is 'so excited' to work with Fabio Carvalho after the player's loan move from Liverpool. The playmaker is impressing already.

Fabio Carvalho will spend the second half of the season on loan at Hull City, meaning a drop back into the Championship for the Liverpool player. The Reds signed him after a fantastic promotion season with Fulham - now he's hoping to get back on track after a difficult 18 months.

And it sounds as though he'll do just that. Hull boss Liam Rosenior has absolutely raved about his new player in an interview with Sky Sports. You really will struggle to find a manager more excited about a player.

Rosenior believes Carvalho ticks every box he wants, essentially, both as a player and as a character. If he's right, the Portuguese playmaker should have an 'outstanding' time there.

"Fabio is so important to our plans," said Rosenior. "I drove down to London from Hull to meet him and literally from the first moment we met in person, I knew he was going to sign for us. There was a connection between us and I think you need that from a player and a coach.

"I think Fabio, the way that he trains, the way he conducts himself, his humility, even in the last 10 days we've been together, he does things that I love.

"We get off the team coach, he wants to tidy up the team coach. He was in the dressing room yesterday - not a part of the squad because he couldn't be registered [but] he travelled with the team - the team goes out to warm up and he's putting people's flip-flops back in their place.

"He sums up the culture of what I want. It's not just about ability on the pitch, it's about your human quality - and that's massive for me. Fabio's going to be huge for us. I'm so excited to have him in our team for the rest of the season because I think our style of play fits, our culture and our value fit, and if you get that with an outstanding player, then you should get outstanding performances as well."

It's a hell of a review from Rosenior, certainly. Fingers crossed, then, that he's right because Carvalho badly needs things to go his way.

His debut campaign with Liverpool was a difficult one, particularly as the Reds struggled as a whole to find a rhythm all season. The youngster's loan to RB Leipzig was a complete disaster, too, as he played 135 minutes in six months.

But it does sound as though he's found the perfect environment to get his confidence back. Carvalho knows he can perform in the Championship and he knows his new manager backs him completely.

With any luck, Liverpool get a revitalised player back in the summer.

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