Anfield Watch writers predict Liverpool's 2023/24 season

The wait is over. The 2023/24 season is here.

It's been an eventual summer for Liverpool. Leaders have left, new signings have arrived and new lactate test kings have been crowned.

A long-promised midfield rebuild has turned into a complete overhaul, while there is still work to be done on this new iteration of Jurgen Klopp's Reds before 1 September.

Pre-season saw 18 goals scored and 11 conceded, with plenty to chew over in terms of tactics, systems and form. But the time for preparation is over now and, with the Premier League opener against Chelsea mere hours away, all that's left to do is get out the crystal ball...

Here's what Anfield Watch writers Andrew Headspeath, Sam McGuire, Danny Corcoran, Dan Vassie and Charlotte Coates think will happen this season.

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What are you most excited for in 2023/24?

Andrew Headspeath: All five attackers fit and gelling together for the first time, while being supplied by actual creators like Mac Allister and Szoboszlai.

Sam McGuire: Right now, the new-look forward line and, yes, I’m including Alexis Mac Allister and Dominik Szoboszlai in this.

Danny Corcoran: Ben Doak Europa League minutes.

Dan Vassie: Trent Alexander-Arnold to break the record for most assists in a Premier League season.

Charlotte Coates: The amount of goals Liverpool are going to score with midfielders who can actually score and assist.

What's your biggest fear?

Andrew Headspeath: With all the focus being on the midfield rebuild, we are ignoring a coming storm with the defence.

Sam McGuire: That Klopp realises he doesn’t have the correct profiles for this system in the short term and he just pivots to a new shape like he did last season, shoehorning players into roles they don’t suit.

Danny Corcoran: Konaté getting an injury and Matip/Gomez being a starter for a sustained period of time.

Dan Vassie: Not signing a solid, left-footed centre-half. Robertson may be a world class left-back, but if we stick with our current system, he gets found out in a back three.

Charlotte Coates: Liverpool fall further behind the title challengers after failing to recruit properly in the summer transfer window.

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Who's the opposition signing you're most jealous of?

© Proshots - Josko Gvardiol

Andrew Headspeath: Considering where we are now and how efficiently Arsenal went about it, Declan Rice.

Sam McGuire: Probably Nkunku, given they only paid £63m. I know he’s injured now but he’s potentially a £100m player after a year or two in the Premier League, it feels like a bargain buy.

Danny Corcoran: I would say Gvardiol to Man City, an ideal candidate for that LB/LCB role in our new system that would have added solidity and excellent on-the-ball stuff.

Dan Vassie: Josko Gvardiol. He's exactly the profile Liverpool need in defence. He's supposedly a Liverpool fan and Manchester City's defensive depth is now outrageous.

Charlotte Coates: Declan Rice to Arsenal. Would have been great in Klopp’s midfield. Someone who can break up play and is a powerhouse too. Will make Arsenal better than last season.

Who's the academy player you most want to see this season?

Andrew Headspeath: Obviously Doak, but special shoutout for Jarell Quansah who looks more than ready to boss some group stage games in Eastern Europe.

Sam McGuire: At the start of the summer I would’ve said Ben Doak needs a loan but he’s impressed during pre-season and the Reds do lack depth at right-wing so there’s an opportunity for him there. He’s so fearless.

Danny Corcoran: Aside from the obvious in Doak, Bobby Clark looks to have bulked up and has incredible potential.

Dan Vassie: The obvious answer is Doak, but he'll be there regardless. Quansah has looked immense during pre-season and deserves minutes this season, especially in the cup competitions.

Charlotte Coates: Ben Doak. Looked electric in pre-season and no full-back will want to go up against his pace with 15 minutes left on the clock.

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How many more signings do we need signings?

Andrew Headspeath: 3

Sam McGuire: 3

Danny Corcoran: 3

Dan Vassie: 3

Charlotte Coates: 3

How many will actually arrive?

Andrew Headspeath: 1

Sam McGuire: 1

Danny Corcoran: 2

Dan Vassie: 2

Charlotte Coates: 2

How are we going to do in the domestic cups?

Andrew Headspeath: Honestly, I'm not sure I even care this year.

Sam McGuire: I can see a decent run in the FA Cup, but I wouldn’t mind an early exit from the Carabao.

Danny Corcoran: A healthy run in the League Cup but a semi early FA Cup exit

Dan Vassie: Out early in the League Cup and FA Cup finalists.

Charlotte Coates: A fourth-round exit from the Carabao Cup and a quarter-final loss in the FA Cup.

And in the Europa League?

Andrew Headspeath: Dublin, here we come.

Sam McGuire: We reach the final at the bare minimum.

Danny Corcoran: Dublin 2024 Champions!

Dan Vassie: Winners!

Charlotte Coates: Winners.

How many points do we end August with?

(Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Andrew Headspeath: 5

Sam McGuire: 7

Danny Corcoran: 7

Dan Vassie: 7

Charlotte Coates: 5

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Final Premier League position?

Andrew Headspeath: 3rd

Sam McGuire: 3rd

Danny Corcoran: 2nd

Dan Vassie: 2nd

Charlotte Coates: 2nd

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