Andy Robertson needed one moment in 'strange' Liverpool comeback

Andy Robertson has made his comeback for Liverpool after months out. The full-back says it was 'strange', though.

Liverpool have missed Andy Robertson - even if both Kostas Tsimikas and Joe Gomez have excelled in his absence. But there's no one quite like the Scot, who remains our pick for the world's best left-back.

Certainly, no Liverpool fan is swapping him.

It would be easy to look at Robertson's assist column in the Premier League (0) and come to the conclusion that he's struggled. In reality, the left-back sits fifth for total created chances by a Liverpool player this season, even though he's played 55 minutes since October. Only Trent Alexander-Arnold and Mohamed Salah average more per 90 minutes.

Robertson, then, remains one of Liverpool's most important players. Despite that fact, he admits he needed a little reminder on his 'strange' return that he is a big player for the Reds.

"Football moves on so quick and they have to find different players and different things to support when you go injured," he told "When you come back it’s kind of strange, you don’t know what it’s going to be like.

"Obviously the atmosphere when I came on just reminded me how big a part I am of this club, and it was a nice feeling. I walked off that pitch feeling as if I was back and that was nice because, like I said, it was a long time [out injured], there were a lot of hard times during that, in terms of the surgery and things like that."

There's no doubt that Robertson is a big part of Liverpool and they will certainly be better off once he's up to full speed. There's simply no one quite like him and in all honesty, he's probably going to go down as the best left-back in club history.

Injuries like this will naturally have players doubting themselves, though. Virgil van Dijk openly admits that his long-term knee problem lessened him as a player for at least a couple of years afterwards.

Robertson hasn't been out quite that long, however, and the hope will be that his reminder helps him rapidly get his confidence back. Once he's back to his best, the league-leaders will have actually improved.

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