Alleged kidnappers of Luis Diaz's father pictured laughing in court

A Colombian state prosecutor has criticised four men who were allegedly involved in the kidnapping of Luis Diaz's father after they were caught laughing in court.

The Liverpool player's father, Luis Manuel Diaz, was kidnapped three weeks ago while shopping with his wife - who was swiftly rescued by officials.

However, Diaz's father was missing for almost two weeks after his kidnapping, before eventually being released on 9 November.

Shortly after Diaz Snr was released, four men were detained by Colombian authorities on suspicion that they were linked with his kidnapping.

This week, those four men - who have all pleaded their innocence - have appeared in court over their involvement in the kidnapping, but were admonished by the state prosecutor in charge of the case after being caught on camera laughing in front of the judge.

Speaking about the incident, the prosecutor stated: "It seems like the detainees find this funny. They're laughing and I ask them to show more respect. This is a serious matter."

The courts are currently deciding whether or not the four suspects will be held in custody or be released on bail, although prosecutors will aim to highlight that those involved in the kidnapping are potential flight risks and dangers to society.

The accused men are believed to be part of the prominent Los Primos gang, allegedly helping kidnap Diaz's father before turning him over to guerilla group ELN.

Luckily for the Diaz family the ordeal is now over, with Liverpool's No. 7 having since been reunited with his father after teaming up with Colombia on international duty.

Facing Brazil in the early hours of Friday morning (GMT), Diaz scored a brace and was visibly emotional as he celebrated in front of his father in a 2-1 win over the five-time world champions in 2026 World Cup qualifying.

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