Alexis Mac Allister was POTM but wants to share praise with 'amazing' youngster

Alexis Mac Allister heaped praise on his ‘amazing’ Liverpool teammate in the wake of the Reds’ 2-1 win over Brighton.

Alexis Mac Allister had wonderful things to say about Jarell Quansah after the defender's performance against Brighton. Quansah started his seventh Premier League game in the fixture and his fifth Liverpool consecutive game for Liverpool.

It was one to remember, too. Quansah was brilliant, registering the most touches, passes and interceptions for the Reds.

Mac Allister, who was Player of the Match on the day, was quick to share the praise afterwards.

“He was amazing,” he told “The job he did with [Virgil van Dijk] is so important for the team because it gives us that calmness that we need to play football.

“Even on the ball he was amazing. Very happy and very glad for him.”

Jarell Quansah vs Brighton

This was arguably Quansah's most accomplished performance for Liverpool. His four interceptions, for instance, are the most he's managed in a Premier League game, while his combined interceptions and tackles are a new high, too.

But as Mac Allister rightly points out, his on-ball work deserves extra praise. Quansah is proving himself to be one of the best on-ball defenders in his age bracket.

In total, he managed 114 passes against Brighton - the second-most he's managed in a Premier League game. Only against Burnley did he manage more (116) but at a worse completion percentage.

Because the real highlight here is that Qunsah did that with an 89.5% passing accuracy. That's the second-most he's managed in a Premier League start but with 34 more passes than the game with his best accuracy (96.3% vs Wolves).

Doing that at 21 when you weren't even supposed to play a significant role this season is magnificent. And surely showing this at his age essentially guarantees a place in the next manager's squad.

That's always a concern for young players - new bosses who either may not rate them as highly, may not know what they bring, or simply won't risk using youngsters. Quansah, though, is showing he's got enough about his game already that any manager would enjoy having him.

The future is incredibly bright for the 21-year-old.

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