Alexis Mac Allister reveals origin of Darwin Nunez vs Pep Guardiola

Alexis Mac Allister has explained exactly what happened between Darwin Nunez and Pep Guardiola after Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool. The pair were in a heated argument.

Manchester City vs Liverpool is always a tense occasion - they've been the two main title rivals over the last five years now. The competition has reached incredible standards and naturally, that will bring out emotion.

Still, it was surprising to see just how animated Darwin Nunez was with Pep Guardiola after the two teams' 1-1 draw last weekend. Something had clearly gotten to the Uruguayan but it was unclear exactly what.

Well, Aleix Mac Allister, who was nearby at the time, has revealed exactly what went down. Surprisingly, or some may argue unsurprisingly, it was actually something very innocuous.

Mac Allister told Clank! that Guardiola had made a joke that Nunez took entirely seriously. From there, it escalated.

“Yes [Guardiola was joking but Nunez was serious],” he explained. “I don’t know if I should tell it but I’m going to tell you what caused it. Basically, they had a situation.

“I don't know if it was a corner or a cross that Haaland headed and the ball went past the goal near the post. Pep turned around and started saying how lucky [Liverpool] are or something like that.

“Then it goes to the last bit of play, the ball is crossed into the middle and Lucho Diaz wants to head it and they save it. So then Darwin tells him [Guardiola], 'Ah, now you are the ones who are lucky'.

“From there, everything went to s**t. But it was very calm. Nothing serious.”

So from that, it sounds as though Nunez was being a bit of a hothead - not that anyone would be shocked by that. The striker made it clear to everyone that he's got that in his game when he was sent off against Crystal Palace for a headbutt on his Anfield debut.

At the same time, surely no one would want him to change.

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