"A special football club" - Steven Gerrard on what Liverpool FC means to him

Reds legend Steven Gerrard has said that he will always have a special "connection" to Liverpool.

Speaking to Liverpoolfc.com, as quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Gerrard said that the club has played a massive part in his and his family's life.

“This club has played such a big part in my life, a big part in a lot of my family's lives. And still, to this day, we love it like the first day we ever met it – I certainly do. A special football club," he said.

“I'm in a very privileged position that I've actually been going out to represent it as a player. It's played such a big part in my life and obviously a lot of people, family and friends, so we owe this club a lot.

“It's got a connection, it's got a real powerful fanbase and it has that family feeling to it.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

Gerrard is probably a top-two Liverpool legend. Only Kenny Dalglish is up there with the Scouser.

What he gave to the club during his 26 years as a Liverpool player was amazing. If he had a better team around him he would probably be considered the best midfielder in the world.

He already is considered one of the best midfielders to play football despite not winning the Premier League title, which is a testament to his quality.

We will probably never see another player like Gerrard at Liverpool.

With there being a lot of talk about him taking over from Jurgen Klopp when the German finally decides to leave, the Scouser could grow his legacy even more with Liverpool.

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