7 reasons why every Liverpool fan should try the brand new Sportening app

The app you didn't know you needed has finally arrived!

We've spent some time testing it, and here's why it's great for you:

Save Time – All LFC in One Place

How much time does it take you to check how the club is doing, check up on the rivals, find the latest important articles in heaps of tabloid clickbait? We thought so.

Well, instead of going to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and wherever, with Sportening you have it all in one place.

Latest important news and articles form verified sources, press conferences, highlights, standings, fixtures and live matches...

It Has Already Been Tested and Approved by 1.000 LFC Fans

How tired are you of boring stats apps with way too much clutter?

The best thing about Sportening is that the whole idea was based on Liverpool fans' input. What we want to know, what sources we check, who we read, what we do on matchday... The list goes on. The whole idea originated from one of the Liverpool Supporters Clubs, and it spread around like a wildfire.

Create a Group with Mates

Create a group and there you'll have Pepper, a chatbot who'll send you relevant, insider, filtered information in real time. He’s a friend every Liverpool fan should have. Saves us the trouble of scrolling through different places to find what James Pearce or Paul Joyce said about something. Or what Robbo said after the match. Or what Jurgen said in the press conference today.

Follow Live Matches and Chat with Mates

If you're unable to watch the match, you'll love the live ticker and instant match events. Discuss the game with mates in Sportening and share match details.

Join the Community of Other LFC Fans

We get in touch with other Liverpool fans - maybe we'll find an interesting article and want to send it to our mates. Or someone sends us something. Or maybe it’s just regular everyday banter.

Looks Amazing

It's so different from other sports apps out there. The design looks great - it's professional, slick and fast.

There are NO ADS to Ruin Your Experience

You don't often see an app this great that's both FREE and WITHOUT ADS.

We loved Sportening, and we have a feeling you'll love it too.

Why don't you try it and see if it works for you?

If you have feedback, they'll be happy to take it on board to make the relevant improvements, just send an in-app message to Pepper.

IOS: https://sportening.onelink.me/nsIN/3bc7eec3

Android: https://sportening.onelink.me/nsIN/3bc7eec3

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