5 things we want to see in Jurgen Klopp & Liverpool ‘last dance’ documentary

Jurgen Klopp's final days as Liverpool manager will be followed by TV cameras, documenting a swansong that could end with a Premier League title.

Klopp shocked the world on Friday when he revealed that after nine seasons at the helm of the club, he would be leaving come the end of the campaign - two years before his contract was meant to expire.

It was a statement that rocked all Reds fans to their core, not wanting to accept the departure of a man who had taken their club from obscurity to the pinnacle of the sport, winning all that there is to win during his tenure on Merseyside - including a first Premier League title in 30 years.

And now, the Mirror claim cameras will be granted behind the scenes access at Anfield and the club’s training ground to capture the drama of the German’s final months in charge.

A documentary that will be sure to bring many a tear to the eyes of Liverpool fans, supporters will be pleased to see that due to these special circumstances, Klopp has seemingly made an exception to his previous stance of flat-out vetoing fly-on-the-wall type programmes at his club.

It's pretty much a guarantee that this documentary will take us through a whirlwind of emotions, leaving us with moments we will cherish for an eternity. Here are five things us fans will be eager to see in Klopp's 'last dance'.

Judgement day in the Premier League

Sitting five points pretty at the top of the league after 21 games, Liverpool have established themselves as a team to beat in the race for the Premier League crown.

However, with Manchester City and Arsenal very much on their tail, it wouldn't be a surprise to see this season's title race go to the wire.

If cameras are granted access to Anfield, we need to see the ins and outs of what goes on during that final day. The team bus, Klopp's final team talk, the dressing room atmosphere, the pitchside views.

Our enjoyment in viewing will all depend on the result - tears will probably be shed either way. But just imagine Liverpool, on Klopp's final day, lifting the Premier League at Anfield - and we're able to see every little detail of the day behind the scenes.

It's already giving me goosebumps.

One more Anfield European night

Some of our best memories under the boss have come from iconic European nights at Anfield.

From the 4-3 against Dortmund, to the 3-0 against City, to the 4-0 against Barcelona, Klopp has enriched Liverpool's legacy in European competitions, somehow doing the business when all odds look against them.

Of course, he won't have the opportunity to emulate the success of 2019 by winning the Champions League, with the Reds not in the competition.

But with the Europa League final being hosted in Dublin - a second home of sorts for Liverpool - there is that added incentive to grit out some results and get to the final.

An uncensored look into at least one more Anfield-powered European showcase with Klopp in the dugout would go down a treat for fans - taking in that famous atmosphere that you know, given the circumstances, will be at full volume.

Testimonies from players

Another item that would be sure to leave fans reaching for the tissues.

Klopp hasn't been short of praise from his players over his eight-and-a-half years at Anfield - he's moulded players from little-known entities to absolute world beaters.

Hearing what they have to say about the boss would be just as important as anything Klopp had to say himself - and you just know it would tug at the heartstrings.

We know the club still have good relationships with some past names as well - take Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho's recent appearance in LFCTV's 'Bobby' documentary as evidence - so it would be incredible to hear some stories and testimonies from former fan favourites on top of the current crop.

Klopp outside of the club

Footage of Klopp in and around Anfield and the AXA Training Centre is a given for any programme documenting his swansong.

However, for a man who's spent such a long period of his life in one place, we'd love to see him taking in the actual city of Liverpool for potentially the last time - at least as Reds boss.

It could be as simple as Klopp walking along the waterfront among the locals - maybe with his wife Ulla, who's said to have loved her time on Merseyside - reflecting on the life they've built in England.

Adding another layer to the German's connection with Liverpool, it would demonstrate how his impact has gone far beyond the four stands of Anfield - he's had a monumental effect on the entire city and the people within.

Jurgen's leaving do

After close to a decade with the club, it's only right that Klopp goes out in true Liverpool style - with a massive party to boot.

Take inspiration from the clips we saw from the title-winning party a few years back. Give us the boss and the players pissed out of their minds, providing us with a meme factory for the ages.

A farewell speech from Klopp would also go a long way - uncut and uncensored preferably, taking in the last words he'll utter as Reds manager.

Regardless of what happens on the pitch, it's only right that Klopp gets the proper sendoff he deserves, celebrating what he's done for this club - and it would be surreal to see that shown on our screens.

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